Life in Motion.

Unparalleled Design

There’s plenty of room for shared adventures in the sturdy and stylish XLV. With sleek, aerodynamic contours and robust 18 inch alloy wheels, the XLV shows the way forward for car lovers everywhere.

More Space. More Fun

The XLV sets a high standard for comfort, while offering generous cargo space because why shouldn’t every trip be an excuse to treat yourself?

The Connected Life

With the XLV, it’s like having all your favourite gadgets in one place. Letting you access your music, messages, apps and more, this compact SUV offers convenient features that help make every ride feel like the best one yet.


The XLV’s safety features are designed to protect you from impacts from every possible angle, and to assist you in a wide range of driving scenarios. Some features include, Electronic Stability Program, Brake Assist, Electronic Brake Distribution, Anti-Slip Regulation and 7 Airbags.


The XLV is equipped with a 1.6L petrol 4-cylinder engine that delivers 128hp@6,000rpm and 118ft-lb of torque at 4,600rpm.



Grand White

Models may vary based on market specification

Models may vary based on market specification